Bringing a Loveseat Into the Bedroom


Taking this cozy seating option beyond the living room

Loveseats are cozy, comfortable and intimate, which is exactly what makes them perfect additions to the bedroom. Smaller than sofas but more roomy than chairs, these compact pieces of furniture translate well from standard living room decor to enjoyable luxuries that can easily be integrated into your bedroom setup. When choosing a loveseat, it’s important to consider where you want to place it and how your preferred style will fit into the space available.

Utilize the Corners

If you wish to place your loveseat in the corner, you may want to go with a modern style that features rounded edges and a deep seat that you can sink into. Corner spaces often look cramped in bedrooms, but having furniture with soft lines adds a sense of openness and space. Sitting in a corner loveseat gives you a full view of the entire room as you relax. Add a lamp and an ottoman to create a seating area apart from the main section of the room that’s perfect for reading or working on crafts.

Make a Window Seat

A loveseat positioned facing a picture window, bow window or bay window should be light in color to catch and reflect the sun. Choosing a wide, open style of seat adds to the expansive feeling that these types of windows already bring to a room. Enjoy the beautiful view with a traditional loveseat that includes square cushions or go for a modern backless option that looks more like a daybed.

Better than a Bench

End benches are often used at the footboard of the bed to provide extra seating, but a loveseat in the style of a living room couch is much more comfortable. Choose a soft, rounded loveseat for a simple look. Contemporary models without arms mirror the look of a bench. If your home has a more rustic style, try a loveseat with a wooden frame. You can make any of these designs complement the bed setup or create a separate seating area using a table or throw rug.


Once you have the loveseat in place, add accessories such as tapestry throws and throw pillows in colors that complement the style of the loveseat as well as the look of the room. This adds both comfort and flair that makes the loveseat more inviting.

Our selection of loveseats at Indiana’s own Martin Fine Furniture is sure to have something that will look stunning in the bedroom. Choose designs and fabric shades that complement the color scheme and create a cozy, inviting seating area that you can enjoy any time.

Bring Bold Trends Into Your Home this Year


Hot Trends for the Home from the Summer Las Vegas Market

For home decor enthusiasts and furniture buyers, there’s no better place to browse the latest design trends than the Las Vegas Market. This year’s Summer Market was no exception. Homeowners who want to update the look of their spaces can draw inspiration from some of the biggest trends displayed at the Market.

What Was Big at the Summer Las Vegas Market?

The Summer Las Vegas Market is the go-to destination for those who want to see what’s coming in home decor. It’s true that Indianapolis is a long way from Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the latest in design and furnishings. You can browse the show’s online catalog gallery to see great examples of this year’s trends.

At the show itself, sleek designs reminiscent of Danish Modern and Bauhaus styles were prominent, especially for living room furnishings. Long, functional wooden tables were particularly popular. Gorgeous, hand-painted cabinets and chests also caught the eyes of many shoppers. A marriage of classic and contemporary styles was evident throughout the show with trends from the mid-century forward dominating.

In terms of color, this year’s Market showed off furnishings and accent pieces in Pantone’s colors of the year as well as upcoming tones from the color giant’s collection. Blues and purples in particular dominated with appearances from other jewel tones such as classic ruby red and emerald green. Sand and off-white neutrals also had a strong showing this year.

Bold floral and tribal prints continued to be popular throughout the home. Warm colors made their way back into the home decor palette with many items in gold and gold tones. Cool blues and silvers were also incredibly popular in the home textile area of the show. Both upholstery and accent fabrics in blues are set to be popular well into the next decade.

Bringing Bold Looks into Your Home

Bringing bold looks from the Summer Market into your home is as easy as heading to your local furniture store. As you shop for major furnishings and accent pieces, remember to look for styles in colors that match with your home’s wider decor style. It’s also a good idea to look for furniture that can be adapted to new decor trends with ease. Look for pieces that can be matched easily with new textiles, throws and pillows.

Introducing new furniture and decor trends into your home is easy when you draw inspiration from the Summer Las Vegas Market. Stop by Martin Fine Furniture today to explore all the ways we can help you update your home.

How to Buy the Right Mattress for Your Back


Ensuring that you get the best possible night’s sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning every night and are unable to get comfortable, it may be time for a new mattress. Old, worn-out mattresses that don’t properly support your body can lead to lost sleep and all the effects that come with it, including fatigue, irritability and decreased productivity. When the time comes to shop for a new mattress, these tips can help you choose the best one.

Mattress Types

There are several types of mattresses to choose from:

• Memory foam conforms to the body, decreasing strain on pressure points. This can be part of the mattress or bought separately as a topper.
• Innerspring mattresses support you with individually enclosed coil springs.
• Sleep number beds use air to change the feel and support level of the mattress.

Mattresses are also rated in various degrees of firmness to tell you how hard or soft they are. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to lie down and take your chosen mattress for a “test drive.” Spend a good 15 minutes trying out each mattress so you can truly get a feel for it.

Special Considerations

If you suffer from back pain or are dealing with an injury, you may need a specific level of support from your mattress. Many people with back problems find that sleeping on a firmer surface brings relief. The goal is to place your spine in a neutral alignment, avoiding anything that puts unnecessary pressure on your body. You also want to be careful of choosing a mattress that’s too soft and causes your body to sag or curve unnaturally. When testing out mattresses, make sure to position yourself as you would normally sleep. The type of mattress you decide to purchase may depend on whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper.

Stick to a Budget

Setting a budget for your mattress purchase may not have much to do with comfort, but it does keep you from spending too much on features you don’t really need. Know your budget before you begin testing mattresses. Start with those at the higher end of your price range and then test cheaper models as you go. Chances are you’ll find something more affordable that meets your needs.

When you’re sure you’ve picked out just the right mattress type for you, head over to Martin Fine Furniture. Our selection of mattresses includes sizes that fit all types of beds as well as comfortable features such as memory foam. You’ll find the same selection at our Indiana location, so you can stop by and try out any mattress you like to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Embrace This Season’s Hottest Colors for Living Room Sets

sand paloma

Bringing Today’s Design Trends into Your Living Room

Every year, the design team at Pantone releases a color report that details hot trends for the coming seasons. Anyone can use this color report as inspiration when choosing furniture for a home or apartment. Rest assured that tones drawn from these trending colors are set to be popular in home decor for at least the next decade.

Hot Decor Colors for 2014

You can look to Pantone’s top six trending colors for 2014 to get a good idea of what’s in this year. Remember that these colors can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways. Use them when choosing both major furniture items such as living room sets and accent pieces such as side tables and throw rugs.

According to the color gurus, home decorators can benefit from incorporating:

•    Dazzling blue, which is the number one color for 2014. It can be overpowering, so strive for balance when shopping for blue furniture. You may not want to fill a room painted blue with blue furniture.
•    Sand, which is a beautiful neutral that isn’t nearly as boring as beige. Use it to bring a grounded look to any living room.
•    Freesia, a gorgeous floral shade that looks especially good when incorporated via throw pillows, rugs and decor accents.
•    Cayenne, a muted, grapefruit-like tone that works well for both walls and furnishings. Think accent walls, couches and tables in cayenne.
•    Radiant orchid, a bright purple that can instantly perk up any room. Thanks to its vibrancy, it’s a great choice for large pieces and accent pieces alike.
•    Paloma, a soft gray that works well with cool and neutral shades. Use it for large pieces that you want to update seasonally with throws and pillows.

Use Color Trends to Pick Living Room Sets

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this season’s hottest color trends into your living room is by using them when choosing living room sets. Living room sets that include sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans or tables offer a great way to update your decor. Before you shop for a set, decide if you want the pieces to incorporate trending colors or provide a palette for them.

If you want to incorporate trending colors via sets, look for groups of chairs, sofas or tables in one of this season’s popular colors. Evaluate the rest of your room to decide if you should look for neutral, cool or warm shades. If you want to provide a palette for trending colors via furniture, look for dark or neutral pieces that will provide a great backdrop for throws, pillows and other decor accents in this season’s hot colors.

Shopping for new furniture should always be a positive experience. You’ll find Indiana’s best selection of furniture in classic designs and new styles at Martin Fine Furniture.

Create Real Entertainment Value with Theater Seating

home theater

Bring Movie Theater Comfort Into Your Own Home

When it comes to staying entertained in your home, no room is more exciting than a theater. A big screen, surround sound system and Blu-ray player or movie projector are all essential components of your home theater. As you plan your theater, don’t forget that you should also pay close attention to your seating options.

Your Theater Seating Options

Today’s furniture stores offer a wide variety of theater seating options to shoppers. For homeowners, finding the right theater seating means looking at the size and layout of their home theaters. Before you can start shopping for theater seating, determine how many seats you’ll need and the total length, width and depth of the space where the seats will be placed.

Once you’ve taken basic measurements, you can evaluate your seating options. You’re likely to see both straight-backed and reclining chairs while shopping. However, most homeowners prefer reclining seats because they provide for comfort while allowing you to get a good angle on your TV or projection screen.

Standard home furnishings can also be used as theater seating. For example, you might place three recliners in a row if you only need three seats in your home theater. However, keep in mind that standard furniture pieces aren’t designed to fit together side to side. This means that you’ll need more space to use these pieces in your home theater than you will to use seating especially designed for theatrical use.

Choosing the Right Seating for Your Home Theater

Once you’re familiar with your options, you can shop for theater seating that’s right for your home. Prioritize choosing seats that are comfortable, appropriately sized and a good match for your current decor scheme. If you’re planning a new home theater, it’s a great idea to choose seats before you settle on other decor as theater seating tends to be offered in a limited selection of colors.

Remember to keep the following factors in mind as you shop for theater seating:

•    Furniture color. Most theater seats are offered in dark browns, mahoganies and blacks. Dark colors make a good choice because they tend to reflect little light.
•    Upholstery material. Manufacturers assume that families will eat and drink in their theater seats, so most are made from leather and other materials that are easy to wipe clean. If you prefer traditional upholstery, be sure to opt for a protective sealant.
•    Comfort features. Many theater seats recline or have footstools for added comfort. Being able to prop your feet up is generally a must in home theaters.
•    Seat accessories. Accessories such as built in cup holders provide for convenience and add to the overall ambiance of your home theater.

Seating can make or break your home theater. Stop by Martin Fine Furniture today to get expert help choosing the right seating for your home theater.