Bringing a Loveseat Into the Bedroom


Taking this cozy seating option beyond the living room

Loveseats are cozy, comfortable and intimate, which is exactly what makes them perfect additions to the bedroom. Smaller than sofas but more roomy than chairs, these compact pieces of furniture translate well from standard living room decor to enjoyable luxuries that can easily be integrated into your bedroom setup. When choosing a loveseat, it’s important to consider where you want to place it and how your preferred style will fit into the space available.

Utilize the Corners

If you wish to place your loveseat in the corner, you may want to go with a modern style that features rounded edges and a deep seat that you can sink into. Corner spaces often look cramped in bedrooms, but having furniture with soft lines adds a sense of openness and space. Sitting in a corner loveseat gives you a full view of the entire room as you relax. Add a lamp and an ottoman to create a seating area apart from the main section of the room that’s perfect for reading or working on crafts.

Make a Window Seat

A loveseat positioned facing a picture window, bow window or bay window should be light in color to catch and reflect the sun. Choosing a wide, open style of seat adds to the expansive feeling that these types of windows already bring to a room. Enjoy the beautiful view with a traditional loveseat that includes square cushions or go for a modern backless option that looks more like a daybed.

Better than a Bench

End benches are often used at the footboard of the bed to provide extra seating, but a loveseat in the style of a living room couch is much more comfortable. Choose a soft, rounded loveseat for a simple look. Contemporary models without arms mirror the look of a bench. If your home has a more rustic style, try a loveseat with a wooden frame. You can make any of these designs complement the bed setup or create a separate seating area using a table or throw rug.


Once you have the loveseat in place, add accessories such as tapestry throws and throw pillows in colors that complement the style of the loveseat as well as the look of the room. This adds both comfort and flair that makes the loveseat more inviting.

Our selection of loveseats at Indiana’s own Martin Fine Furniture is sure to have something that will look stunning in the bedroom. Choose designs and fabric shades that complement the color scheme and create a cozy, inviting seating area that you can enjoy any time.