Create Real Entertainment Value with Theater Seating

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Bring Movie Theater Comfort Into Your Own Home

When it comes to staying entertained in your home, no room is more exciting than a theater. A big screen, surround sound system and Blu-ray player or movie projector are all essential components of your home theater. As you plan your theater, don’t forget that you should also pay close attention to your seating options.

Your Theater Seating Options

Today’s furniture stores offer a wide variety of theater seating options to shoppers. For homeowners, finding the right theater seating means looking at the size and layout of their home theaters. Before you can start shopping for theater seating, determine how many seats you’ll need and the total length, width and depth of the space where the seats will be placed.

Once you’ve taken basic measurements, you can evaluate your seating options. You’re likely to see both straight-backed and reclining chairs while shopping. However, most homeowners prefer reclining seats because they provide for comfort while allowing you to get a good angle on your TV or projection screen.

Standard home furnishings can also be used as theater seating. For example, you might place three recliners in a row if you only need three seats in your home theater. However, keep in mind that standard furniture pieces aren’t designed to fit together side to side. This means that you’ll need more space to use these pieces in your home theater than you will to use seating especially designed for theatrical use.

Choosing the Right Seating for Your Home Theater

Once you’re familiar with your options, you can shop for theater seating that’s right for your home. Prioritize choosing seats that are comfortable, appropriately sized and a good match for your current decor scheme. If you’re planning a new home theater, it’s a great idea to choose seats before you settle on other decor as theater seating tends to be offered in a limited selection of colors.

Remember to keep the following factors in mind as you shop for theater seating:

•    Furniture color. Most theater seats are offered in dark browns, mahoganies and blacks. Dark colors make a good choice because they tend to reflect little light.
•    Upholstery material. Manufacturers assume that families will eat and drink in their theater seats, so most are made from leather and other materials that are easy to wipe clean. If you prefer traditional upholstery, be sure to opt for a protective sealant.
•    Comfort features. Many theater seats recline or have footstools for added comfort. Being able to prop your feet up is generally a must in home theaters.
•    Seat accessories. Accessories such as built in cup holders provide for convenience and add to the overall ambiance of your home theater.

Seating can make or break your home theater. Stop by Martin Fine Furniture today to get expert help choosing the right seating for your home theater.