Get Vintage Looks with Modern Rugs


Bringing the Best in Classic Decor into Your Home

Area rugs have long been interior decor staples. Available in a myriad of styles and patterns, rugs can be used to tie a space together or create a bold decor accent. While vintage Oriental and Persian rugs in gorgeous patterns are particularly popular among home decorators, not all shoppers can afford their steep purchase prices or take care of the upkeep on antique carpets. Thankfully, we offer fairly priced, modern rugs in both traditional and modern styles.

Rug Designers Offer Vintage Flair at Modern Prices

Humans have used rugs since our earliest history to cover the ground and add warmth. Some of the earliest rugs were simple animal hides, but artisans quickly incorporated important cultural and religious designs into their weaving to create striking rugs. Many of these rugs are still in use in homes today thanks to the efforts of collectors.

Unfortunately, antique rugs command prices that can soar into the tens of thousands of dollars. Homeowners who appreciate Persian or Oriental rugs but just can’t afford them might feel like their design possibilities are limited. To fill the needs of such homeowners, modern designers have begun to incorporate vintage designs into their rugs. Shoppers can find everything from Persian florals to Arts and Crafts geometric patterns in furniture stores today.

Incorporating Rugs into Home Decor

When it comes to incorporating vintage-style rugs into your Indiana home, nothing is more important than matching rugs to your personal decor style. Before you start shopping for a rug, decide if it will be used as a grounding element or accent piece in the room. You should also be sure to take precise measurements of the area to ensure that you’re buying a rug of the right size.

If you want to use a rug as an accent piece in a room, choose a bold pattern or bright colors that complement or contrast walls and furnishings in the room. Opt for ethnic patterns to add visual interest. You can also layer rugs on top of carpet to create warmth and add contrast.

If you want to use a rug as a grounding piece in a room, it’s best to stick with neutral colors and simple, geometric patterns. Think of browns, blacks, grays and whites with metallic or neutral accents. While they may be simple, such rugs can balance any room while also adding comfort and warmth.

Of course, you can also set your rug-shopping agenda according to your vintage style needs. The friendly, professional staff at Martin Fine Furniture is here to help you find the right rugs and furnishings for your home. Drop by today to browse our showroom.

If You’re Going to Recline, Recline with Power

power recliner

Power options take your basic recliner one step further for greater comfort

There’s nothing like settling down in your favorite recliner with a book or the morning newspaper and simply relaxing. When that chair is a power recliner, you can get even more comfortable by adjusting your sitting position with the touch of a button.

Benefits of Going for Power

Power recliners operate either with an attached remote or button panels that give you instant access to the most comfortable reclined positions. This is especially helpful if you have problems with movement or pain. Instead of having to reach for a lever, all you have to do is press a few buttons to adjust the head rest and foot rest of the chair. Some power recliners give you the option of saving your favorite positions so you don’t have to worry about readjusting the chair in the future.

Newer power recliners may have advanced features such as a heated seat or built-in massagers. These are great for days when you’ve spent a long time on your feet or have to do a lot of bending over. You can sit down for a little while and soothe your aching muscles or lie back and take a nap to refresh yourself. Power lift recliners allow you to raise the seat of the chair when you’re ready to stand up, which is helpful for anyone who may have difficulty getting out of a seated position.

What to Look For in a Power Recliner

Like traditional recliners, power recliners require a little more space than a regular chair, so you’ll need to know what size area you have available. The size of the recliner itself is another important consideration. A chair that fits your body type offers the maximum amount of comfort. You’ll also want to choose upholstery that not only matches your living room decor but that is also soft and comfortable to sit on.

Power recliners offer different options when it comes to positioning. Some have only two or three set positions. Others have “infinite” position options, meaning that you get complete control over the angle at which you sit.

When you’re ready to find the perfect power recliner or reclining sofa for your home, visit the Martin Fine Furniture website. We offer a wide selection of reclining furniture in many colors and styles from brands you know and love. Shop online or visit our store to see our full inventory and find the recliner you’ve been dreaming of.

True Vanity: Five Great New Uses for Dressing Tables

vanity tables

Vanity tables have long been a staple in powder rooms and bedrooms. Also known as dressing tables, women the world over have dreamed of primping in front of one of these beautiful furnishings just like Hollywood stars were often depicted doing during film’s golden age. However, vanities also have amazing decor applications beyond the bedroom. It’s easy to use dressing tables creatively to lend a new look to any room in your home.

Much Ado About Dressing Tables

A classic piece of furniture, the dressing table or vanity generally features a small chest with drawers and a seating area complemented by a large, mounted mirror. Vanity mirrors may be framed or beveled and are almost always mounted directly to the dressing table itself. These tables are available in a wide variety of design and decor styles.

When shopping for dressing tables to spruce up your home, pay close attention to the lines created by mirrors. Think of how different mirror shapes and styles can be used to tie together decor themes or create contrast throughout your home. If you’re creating a vintage look, search for antique pieces that can be refinished or repurposed according to your needs.

Show Off Your Vanity in New Ways

Once you’ve chosen a vanity table for your Indianapolis home, you can begin thinking of how and where you’ll use it. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a vanity into your home is to use it as a key and mail storage space in an entryway. Consider hanging hat or coat hooks near the vanity so that you can sneak a peek at yourself before heading out of the house.

Remember that vanity tables aren’t just attractive because they have mirrors. They’re also a great investment because they offer extra storage space. Consider using a vanity in a craft room, where it can store supplies. Place the vanity so that its mirror makes the room look larger whenever possible.

Dressing tables are also a great choice for kid’s play rooms. Use a vanity to store dress-up costumes. Kids will love changing into different outfits and checking out their new looks in the attached mirror. Of course, it’s important to choose a sturdy vanity if you plan to use it in a child’s room or play area.

Vanity tables can also be re-purposed to be used in innovative new ways in the home. Consider using only the mirror from an older vanity as an accent piece on a wall. You might also use the table without the mirror as a vintage-looking writing or task desk.

Shopping for a vanity for your home should always be fun. Stop by Martin Fine Furniture today for help finding the perfect one.

What Do Your Home Textiles Say About You?

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Available in myriad patterns and colors, textiles can go a long way towards improving the overall design aesthetic of your home. Choosing textiles that are timeless but trendy is an important aspect of putting together a well-decorated house. Of course, more should go into your textile choices than just considerations about design and style. It’s also important that your textiles speak to your unique personality.

All About Home Textiles

Fabrics are found all over the home. Whether they’re covering your furniture or adding a splash of color in the form of curtains, the right textiles can bring together the design scheme of any room while also adding visual interest. If it’s time to buy textiles, it’s important that you first understand your options in terms of type. As you shop, remember that home textiles may be:

•    Heavy-duty upholstery fabrics designed for long-term wear
•    Cotton and cotton blends that are durable and can be cared for with ease
•    Leather fabrics that are incredibly durable and easy to clean but also expensive
•    Linens that are best suited to formal areas as they are susceptible to wear
•    Wools that are durable but must be cared for according to special directions
•    Silks that are incredibly delicate and have strict care guidelines
•    Synthetic fabrics such as rayon, vinyl and nylon, which tend to be durable and can be cared for with ease

Pick Fabrics That Match Your Personality

Identifying the right type of fabric for your home is just the first step in shopping for new home textiles. It’s also important that your fabrics match your personal style. Before you shop, think about the overall design scheme of your home. Identify two to three prominent colors and use them as a guide while shopping for new fabrics.

Next, you’ll need to decide if you prefer to use solid fabrics or patterns. If you plan on using patterns in a more formal or traditional space, stick with neutral colors and stripes or simple florals. If you’d like to add eclectic flair to a room, look for bright, bold patterns that draw on two to three of your main decor colors and that will complement furniture lines. If you’re mixing multiple fabrics in one space, try to choose no more than three different textiles.

It’s also important to get a swatch of fabric to take home before making a final buying decision. Place the fabric in your room so that you can see how it looks against your walls and carpeting. Pay close attention to how lighting in the room affects the fabrics. Remember that fabrics often look different under natural light than they do under artificial light.

Shopping for textiles for your Indianapolis home should be a delight, not a chore. The friendly team at Martin Fine Furniture will be happy to help you choose the right fabrics for your home today.

Protect Family Heirlooms: How to Make Memories With a Cedar Chest

cedar chest

Often known as hope chests, cedar chests were long used by young women to store linens, clothing and household items. These special chests were meant to prepare young ladies for marriage and to offer the essentials needed to create a happy home. While hope chests have largely fallen out of vogue, it’s still possible to use cedar chests to make memories and store family heirlooms.

Meet the Modern Cedar Chest

Cedar chests or trunks have long been used for a wide variety of storage and packing needs. Today, these striking chests are often used as coffee tables or decor pieces in homes. While cedar chests have by and large made the switch from a utilitarian piece of furniture to a decorator piece, they can still be used for the storage of heirlooms.

In fact, using a cedar chest to store heirlooms is a great way for Indianapolis families to create long-lasting memories. As you shop for a cedar chest, look for a piece that fits your home’s decor style and offers plenty of space for storage. You should also pay close attention to any finishes or stains used on the wood, since they can substantially affect the performance of cedar.

Storing Heirlooms in Your Cedar Chest

Cedar chests provide a viable storage option for many household goods and heirloom items. They are particularly well suited to the storage of Christmas ornaments, decorative knick-knacks and china. Because of cedar’s strong fragrance, these chests are also a popular choice for the storage of linens. However, you’ll need to take extra precautions if you plan on storing fabric goods in your cedar choice.

If you plan on storing textiles or paper goods in your cedar chest, it’s essential to wrap them in acid-free paper. While cedar deters many insects and will keep items from taking on too much moisture, the tannic acids in the wood can cause damage to paper and fabric over time. Thankfully, your cedar chest can be used to store these items safely so long as they don’t come in direct contact with the wood itself.

Cedar chests can also be used to store keepsake toys. It’s a good idea to keep all original boxes for toys so that the items can be stored in them for years to come. If you’ve already discarded toy boxes, wrap your items in acid-free paper to ensure that they’re protected from tannic acids. If you’re storing wood or metal toys, you don’t need to worry about wrapping them in acid-free paper.

A cedar chest can make for a priceless family heirloom. To shop a great selection of cedar chests and learn more about using them for storage, visit Martin Fine Furniture today.

Shed Light on a New Look With Accent Lamps

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When it comes time to inject some color and style into your humble abode, you’ll likely be looking for furniture items that will enthrall family and friends. With a few accent lamps placed in key points throughout the house, your residence will pop with character. You can thus transform your home without breaking the bank.


You’ll want to begin by choosing lamps of the right size. In most cases, living rooms and dining rooms will have no problems handling lamps that are between 25 and 30 inches tall. Exceedingly tall lamps, which will tower over the surrounding furniture, should be avoided. While most lamps have sturdy bases, others may have candlestick-style bases that can rock back and forth when bumped. If you live in a house with rambunctious kids or excitable pets, choose a lamp that’s weighted near the bottom.


Most rooms will require a lighting source every 15 feet or so. If you decide to place a lamp on an end table between couches or chairs, ensure that the lamp is pushed back near the wall. This will open up sight lines so that people can speak to one another without having to lean into the conversation. In addition to living rooms and sitting areas, accent lamps will also work wonderfully in bedrooms. When you curl up in bed with some Stephen King or Joyce Carol Oates, you need only reach over to the bedside table for some warm rays of light.

Bulbs and Brightness

Lamps that are to be used for reading should have 60-watt bulbs. Many lamps, however, have three-way bulbs that can be used to change the brightness of the light. The luminosity can be lowered when, for example, you’re in the mood for just a small amount of light in the corner of the room while you’re watching a movie. When it comes to shades, semi-opaque ones will generally provide an unassuming, friendly glow. Drum shades, which are considered more modern, will work well anywhere. Conical ones, on the other hand, will provide your home with a Victorian feel.

Simple vs. Ornate

You’ll want to make sure that your new lamps match your overarching decorative scheme. For upscale living rooms, you might choose lamps with ornately carved wooden bases. For a small girl’s bedroom, a psychedelic lamp covered in rhinestones will surely work wonders. Teenagers, on the other hand, might appreciate a fancy lava lamp to put on the bedroom dresser.

If you’re dedicated to finding reasonably priced furniture in Indianapolis, visit our homepage for assistance. At Martin Fine Furniture, we’ve got a wealth of products that will take your home to the next level.

Which Leather Type Should You Choose?

leather furniture indianapolis

Rustle Up Some Facts Before You Buy That Hide

You’re ready to indulge in the fine feel of leather, so the furniture store is your next stop. You don’t plan on buying the most expensive couch in the world, but you’d like to take a little information along on your shopping trip. Will that recliner stay comfortably cool while you nap? Can the new sofa handle the kids and pets? Sit back, get comfortable, and snuggle up with some basic leather facts.

Learn the Whole Truth About Full-Grain

If you can’t take your eyes off that gorgeous couch on the showroom floor, it’s probably because the upholstery is full-grain leather. This is the cream of the hide crop, and it’s rarely processed or sanded. These techniques are used to remove imperfections and discoloration, but a full-grain covering is almost flawless. It’s extremely durable and easy to clean. All it needs is weekly dusting with a dry cloth, and it stays soft and supple with an occasional application of leather conditioner.

Snuggle Up With Soft Split-Grain

This type of leather gets its name from the technique that separates it from the rest of the hide. The material is trimmed away from the larger upper portions that yield full-grain leather, and it produces soft upholstery. When you run your hands over a luxurious suede covering, you’re enjoying the silky feel of split-grain leather. It’s less expensive than full-grain, but it isn’t quite as durable. This wonderful material turns your personal seating choice into a comfortable retreat that doesn’t trap body heat.

Please the Family With Pretty Pigments

Pigmented leather is a smart choice for busy households because the process that renders its beautiful hues also makes it durable and easy to clean. A flat color applied to the leather’s surface covers up natural flaws, and a top coat seals the look with a soft shine. This technique is an effective makeover for lower quality hides, and that pays off with a smaller price tag on your new sofa. The covering is initially stiff to the touch, but it quickly softens up through use. Keep pigmented leather away from your picture windows because its colors tend to fade in direct sunlight.

If you’d like to learn more about different types of leather upholstery, come see us at Martin Fine Furniture. We’ve been helping Indiana residents feel right at home for more than 150 years, and you can always count on us to rustle up the best furniture tips.

Pick the Right Bedroom Set for Any Bedroom

bedroom furniture in

Coordinating furniture with your unique personality

Are you ready to create the bedroom of your dreams? Bedroom sets provide all the pieces you need to create a comfortable, inviting space that reflects your distinctive style. Try these tips to make choosing the right set as simple as possible.

Measure It Out

Having accurate measurements takes the hassle out of buying furniture. Measure your entire bedroom, including any unusual layout features such as L-shaped nooks. When the time comes to head to the furniture store, take these measurements with you to ensure that the pieces you want will fit.

Know Your Colors

Since you spend time in your bedroom every day, you should have a good sense of the basic color scheme. Keep this in mind as you shop for furniture and choose pieces that mirror the look. Contrast can also work well, especially in rooms with predominantly light shades. Avoid choosing anything too bright or too dark; bedrooms are best decorated in subtle tones that promote relaxation.

Consider Use

Some people only use their bedroom to sleep while others practically live in it. Consider where you fall along this spectrum and look for furniture that fills those needs. If you like to read before bed, a nightstand with room for books is a good choice. If you’re more of a movie buff, you’ll want to look for a TV stand with space to store DVDs and hold peripheral accessories.

Don’t Overdo

Most bedroom sets include a few basic pieces such as a bed, a chest or dresser, and a nightstand. Though it’s tempting to add other furniture such as end benches, armoires, and entertainment stands, keep the size of your bedroom in mind to avoid overcrowding. Too much furniture will throw off the balance of the room, making it feel cramped and uncomfortable. Choosing a focal point helps you to visualize the appropriate number of pieces for the space you have available.

Shop Around

It’s easy to fall in love with the first set that seems to meet all your needs. However, even if you’re convinced this is the perfect bedroom set for you, take the time to shop around. Also remember that you’ll also need accessories such as lamps, rugs and curtains to create a cohesive style.

When you’re ready to purchase furniture for your dream bedroom, consider Martin Fine Furniture for all of your needs. Visit our website or contact our Indianapolis location to find the furniture and accessories that reflect your personality.

How to Match Your Furniture Style to Your Personality

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Fashion Provides Clues to Your Decorating Personality

Classic and elegant, contemporary and casual, eclectic and unique — home décor reflects your personality and personal style in much the same way as your fashion choices. From furniture to decorative accents to color choices, your home displays your individuality, each piece highlighting who you are and what you value just as much as your clothes and accessories. So, if you’ve never given any real thought to what style represents the real you, you might be happily surprised by the design impact of matching your furniture style to your personality. Here are a few things to consider.

If you find yourself drawn to classic styles in fashion, including tailored designs, pearls and other items with timeless appeal, traditional décor is likely for you. Rich, dark wood and sumptuous fabrics such as velvets, brocades and silk are just the beginning. Deep jewel tones as well as sophisticated neutrals are just as much a part of this classic décor. Add in the symmetrical placement of furniture and accent pieces, and you have the elegant calmness that defines this look. What makes it even more interesting is that it transcends decades, encompassing the glamorous, sparkling mirrors and bold geometric designs of the Art Deco period as well as the wonderful carved furniture characteristic of Old World charm. This style matches the personality of a traditionalist at heart, one with a true appreciation for fine things with both a past and a future.

Then again, you might be drawn to the casual chic of contemporary-style fashions. In this case, the sleek lines, vibrant colors and dynamic accent pieces of contemporary décor might be right for you. A fresh, white sofa, for instance, coupled with a large, low black coffee table and colorful artwork or a leather sofa in a striking color such as red with a mid-century modern coffee table are different takes on contemporary style. This décor is great for those with modern sensibilities and casual confidence.

A mélange of many styles, eclectic décor, like eclectic fashions, takes whatever you like best from each design style and mixes it in unique and beautiful ways. In the same way as you might combine a classic white shirt with vintage earrings, contemporary jeans and boots that make a statement all their own, someone with an eclectic décor might easily juxtapose a contemporary sofa with classic chairs and vintage lamps. Color then becomes the commonality among these seemingly opposing pieces, tying them together simply because the colors match or coordinate with one another so well. It’s all a matter of what appeals to you, making this the perfect style for the expressive person who likes to explore the best of both worlds.

Of course, these are just a few examples of personality styles that are represented in furniture and décor. For a little more help, personality quizzes are another fun way to determine your decorating style. For more personalized assistance, come see us at Martin Fine Furniture. We have furniture and accessories to match every personality type.

Much Ado About Ottomans


Ottomans may be the most under-appreciated and underused piece of living room furniture in the world. While couches, chairs and recliners get all the attention, people barely seem to notice when an ottoman is in the room. Some consider them no more than a lowly footrest. Others treat them as a visual accessory like a fancy throw pillow that no one actually uses. They weren’t meant to be useless. Ottomans are versatile, practical and functional. They were, after all, named for the Ottoman Empire from which they came. Here are a few innovative ways to put your prestigious ottoman to work, and give it the respect it deserves.

Everyone Needs Extra Storage

Many ottomans secretly perform double duty as storage containers for those living room essentials that you don’t really want visitors to see such as magazines, books, craft or sewing supplies, massage oil, fuzzy pink throws or your pickle-flavored potato chip stash.

Ottomans Provide Extra Seating

Your ottoman can be a seating solution for last-minute additions to your party guest list.

Space Breaks: Filling the Void

If there’s a large area that seems too empty or a corner that just needs a little color, your ottoman can fill the space. In most cases, it already matches your decor perfectly, so it’ll also create a sense of continuity.

Table for a Day

If it has a relatively flat top, adding a piece of wood or glass to your ottoman creates an instant table. You can use it as a temporary or permanent coffee table or an accessory dining table. When you’re finished using it, just remove the top, and it’s an ottoman again.

Perfect for Pets

Are you tired of sharing the best seats with four-legged friends? If you have a dog, just add a blanket to catch fur, and your ottoman transforms into a dog bed he’ll love. Once your pooch realizes there’s a piece of furniture he’s allowed to sit on, he’ll feel validated, and you’ll have your love seat back. If you have a cat, he’ll assume it’s his anyway.

Martin Fine Furniture Has the Ottoman of Your Dreams

Whether it’s a functional ottoman or a new dining set, when you need new furniture for your Indianapolis home, family owned Martin Fine Furniture has your style. For more than 150 years, we’ve been providing your favorite, top-quality brands along with the friendly, personalized customer service that has made our company a household name. Come visit us our showroom, or check out our current promotions online. We look forward to helping you make your home a more comfortable place.