Using Down-to-Earth Accents to Pick Up Your Room


Whether you need to ground bright pieces or find a common theme for mismatched furniture, adding budget-friendly neutrals is a great way to instantly turn your home into a dream space.

When it comes to interior design, bold colors and eye-catching patterns get all the attention, but neutrals can be just as important. Spanning a wide range of calming hues, neutrals soften hard edges, add warmth and bring balance to brighter pieces. From lighting up the room with champagne-tinted mirrors to connecting mismatched furniture with basic rugs and curtains, below are some of our favorite ways for using stylish neutral accents to update your living space on any budget.

1. Offset bright colors with classic accessories.

If you’ve been leaving neutrals behind in favor of saturated shades and busy patterns, chances are that your home needs a make-under. Timeless touches, such as tiled vases, textured sofa pillows and indoor plants, add personality and draw attention away from louder pieces.

2. Don’t shy away from white.

Most people rate white as one of their least favorite shades, but there’s a good reason why it’s a mainstay on every interior designer’s color palette. While it’s tough to pull off white as a dominant color, treating it as a highlighter is ideal for creating an airy atmosphere in spaces that can use a little more light. To learn how to incorporate white into any room, take a look at these stunning design ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

3. Use fabrics and rugs to bring harmony to mismatched items.

If your furniture comes in a rainbow of hues, don’t sacrifice your savings account to find color-coded replacements. Adding neutral accents throughout each room is an easy way to trick the eye into seeing a cohesive theme. Think big and inexpensive fabrics. Rugs, curtains, tapestries and throws in complementary neutral shades are your best bet for balancing conflicting styles.

4. Use mirrors to bring in light and make a statement.

Since elaborate frames can make the space look and feel more cluttered, look for simpler designs in white, silver and iridescent gold. For a touch of elegance, invest in a high-end sunburst mirror with a classic metal frame.

5. Spruce up your walls with interesting artwork.

To avoid adding more details into a space already jam-packed with contrasting pieces and vibrant colors, choose abstract prints or landscape photographs in shades that won’t clash with the room’s furniture. Pale orange, yellow and red fit warmer color schemes, while understated blues and greens mesh well with cooler palettes.

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