Using Mismatched Furniture for an Eclectic Look

eclectic look

Using creative clashes in interior design

When it comes to decorating your bedroom or living room, it doesn’t always pay to prioritize matching. While it’s important that the furnishings and decor items in your room fit together, it isn’t essential that every piece is part of a matched set. In fact, using mismatched furniture in your home is a great way to create warm, engaging living spaces.

Add a New Decor Twist With Mismatched Furniture

If you’ve been browsing bedroom furniture stores or looking for new living room furniture, you’ve likely seen dozens upon dozens of matching sets. While using matched furniture can make sense, there’s also nothing wrong with choosing mismatched pieces to create an eclectic look in your space. Mismatched pieces add visual interest and versatility, making them a budget-wise purchasing choice for any homeowner.

How to Mismatch Furniture Well

Using mismatched furniture to create a unique, funky feel in your home is a simple process of creating a decor strategy and finding pieces that match it. For instance, you might decide that you want to redecorate your dining room with a focus on greens. Instead of choosing matching chairs to sit around your table, choose six or seven unique chairs in different shades of green.

If you want to mismatch couches and chairs in a living area, pick a color palette and choose patterns and fabrics that draw from that palette. You might want to choose florals from different time periods in blues and yellows or stick with bold ethnic patterns in earth tones. You can also add throw pillows and other accent pieces that help create connections between mismatched pieces.

Another great way to mismatch furniture with style in your Indianapolis home is to focus on an era-centric theme. Try using pieces from the same time period together to create an eclectic, antique look. Add knick knacks and wall decor from the same time period for a well-rounded look. If you’re decorating on a budget, opt for new furnishings that adopt older designs as antique furniture can be very expensive.

It’s also a good idea to take a careful look at the structural features of furniture. Try choosing pieces that are different but all have something in common. For instance, if you’re choosing side tables for a living room, look for tables that all have the same kind of legs. This will help to create visual unity and makes shopping for mismatched pieces easier.

Mismatched furniture is just one of many design trends that you can put to use in your home. Stop by and talk with the decor pros at Martin Fine Furniture today to explore your options.